Tuesday, 24 November 2015

2016 Cheap Authentic Longchamp Le Pliage Tote HandBag Outlet UK

Welcome To Our Most Popular Cheap Longchamp Outlet Sore,2016 New Longchamp Bags Outlet Sale UK,Discount Longchamp Le Pliage Handbags UK Store,Welcome To Buy 100% Quality Assurance,2016 Cheap Authentic Longchamp Le Pliage Tote HandBag Outlet UK,Hand collapse of the new season Longchamp Artwalk series of mixed colors handbag fashion sense. Meanwhile, Monica especially with black velvet lambskin leather pants from Longchamp classic clothing line in the fall of 2015, filling the "Bond girl" international norm. 2015 autumn series, Longchamp on contemporary and avant-garde artists continued support. It is due to this, Jeremy Scott designed the theme for Poodlebag series, Goldcard series, Tire Track series, Madballs Zodiac series and other classic series of prints of Longchamp Le Pliage® package section. The design is full of personality and art, as Longchamp this classic brand to inject new vitality, inspired by the art of the eighties, Longchamp Artwalk series handbag hit color and uses luxurious materials stitching design. The series consists of four colors (soft pink, theater red, blueberry color, cobalt blue), in China Longchamp boutique are sold. Since 2006 collaboration, Jeremy Scott exactly as luggage style and design, re-interpretation of the classic Le Pliage. Each season, Jeremy Scott will draw inspiration from favorite clothing line pattern, and its integration into Longchamp's flagship package paragraph.

At first small series also was obsessed with deep and Siye O'Young ah! Although the drama abuse me a thousand times, but I still treat them as first love, ah! I Siye hand this bag, Longchamp Outlet UK while maintaining the tradition of the family business, a forward-looking and keen fashion antennae, the spirit of continuous improvement, innovative spirit of the times, the pipe manufacturers including the development of an clothing, luggage accessories, including a comprehensive fashion brand. And met with supermodel Kate Moss, renowned designer Jeremy Scott, avant-garde artists Tracy Emin, design star Mary Katrantzou and American contemporary artist Sarah Morris teamed up to launch cooperation series, wearing leather, Martin footwear with slightly spread with scattered, almost handsome cleft good since the 1970s, the use of the new Longchamp Longchamp suitable for autumn and winter elegant burgundy color tones, natural colors and earth tones, etc; also try to bold colors, striking bright yellow to pink, candy pink strike dark red, bright orange and cobalt blue collide, whether it is with or is sleeveless silk dress coat, can immediately lit body shape. This is a rose flight, Longchamp 2015 autumn and winter series with Memphis Wave theme, colorful series to the cold autumn and winter 2015 brought enormous warmth. The new series known as the New Wave of the 1980s Memphis design movement of the same name.

Colors and geometric lines mixed mosaic is the focus of the season. Bold blending of leather stitching, pastel jacquard fabrics and large print nylon canvas covered all the important details of this series. Memphis wave of this theme is also applied to the clothing designs, clothing and bags paired with modern harmony. Many girls heart love, Xiao Yi Hao like himself. Always think this pattern in telling a very romantic story. Longchamp has supported contemporary and avant-garde design. It is due to this, it appears the theme of Poodle (Poodlebag series), sparkling notes (Goldcard series), Longchamp Outlet first launched in China Le Pliage folding package customization service is also full of surprises, first of all you can choose from 6 different package type: from delicate purse, cosmetic bag to classic skillet or short handle handbag, even to the bag, the package type selected, these design is full of personality and art, as Longchamp this classic brand to inject new vitality tires Track (Tire Track series), Dongkuan not athletic, but there have been bright colors and cute little dog, and says designer name planet A playfully feeling wells.

Le Pliage Crazy ball (Madballs series) and Zodiac signs (Zodiac series) prints? Package section. Longchamp crocodile shoulder bag: length 25cm * width 14cm * height 23cm, history seed Longchamp Sale UK Le Foulonné series to once again pay tribute to the left, launched Le Foulonné City: stiff shopping bags, there are several kinds of specifications. Le Foulonné City focuses on minimalist art design and pure 綷 qualities with high: 20cm; convenient folding portable, simple and leisure, wild style. Longchamp Le Pliage Heritage salute legendary series debut bags, beaded buckle with a reverse trapezoidal clamshell, highlighting the unique luxurious texture. Bags with a different mix of elegant and modern interpretation of a new trend! Longchamp 1948 was founded in France, it can be considered a very historic brand of leather goods. Not commanding big line, but second and third tier brands can survive and has been selling long red. Gao Yuanyuan of China is the Long Champ spokesperson, so whether it is day or to the street shooting film and television works, which are many of them are the series of bags demonstration Long Champ. Not with aggressive unattainable hypocritical, but become part of the low-key comfortable life, on the line to bring you the feeling Gao Yuanyuan as close.