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New Longchamp Simple Small Shoulder Bags UK Sale Online,Longchamp Outlet Le Pliage Outlet,Longchamp Le Pliage Tote Uk Shop this season’s range of Longchamp handbags including the Le Pliage, Located in the best area of ​​the Champs Elysees, in 1979, Longchamp (Longchamp) opened its first Asian store in Hong Kong. Today, Longchamp (Longchamp) already has 12 stores in mainland China, respectively, with seven and 12 stores in Hong Kong and Taiwan. Close to major French luxury brand boutiques, close to many famous boutique hotel. Longchamp shop displays all the classic products, including handbags, clothing, footwear, luggage and men’s series. Store in Longchamp boutiques followed since 2010, based on a new concept design elements, in order to pay tribute to the Champs-Elysees deep cultural tradition as a leader in the fashion world, Longchamp will be popular this season boyfriend style as its 2015 autumn core footwear line, more suitable for Asian proportions Le Pliage Héritage Mini mini handbag, in addition to classic black, carmine, amber, blond, the season will launch dazzling new color: bright yellow, blue lightning and coral is definitely the focus of the spring and summer with clothing. The new interpretation of the boyfriend wind ladies footwear.

This season there is an iconic elements join tassel loafers. Autumn and winter season will also launch a mini ultra fashion chain wallet, multi compartment to meet you all want and need, but can freely switch between a backpack and a small handbag. Then choose a bag complement each other with delicate ballet shoes, so you radiant. 2015 autumn and winter this season, Longchamp’s new series, more sophisticated fashion. Ready to add a little color to your life! Le Pliage® Cuir There are five styles of sheepskin folding bag: a bag, two portable Tote bag, a shopping bag and a clutch. In addition, there are more comfortable walking with heels resistant, why choose Le Pliage? Cuir lambskin folding bag series to launch a customized version of services? All this stems from it in terms of appearance, material or manufacturing process, it is the most able to represent a classic Longchamp handbag. The family heritage Le Pliage? Folding bag design outline iconic, but in the material to break tradition, innovative selection of unique beauty Ortiz lambskin (Metis Leather), meets for the “collapse” of the design soul needs, with winter warm maroon, since January 2015, New Year Limited Edition lambskin folded package on sale in Longchamp boutiques, it accompanied the colorful New Year prelude you pull it more warm and natural. The new Le Pliage Héritage Le Pliage handbag combines unique representation of trapezoidal appearance, Longchamp (Longchamp) expanding product range, from the initial pipe to the skin handbags, belts, leather gloves, silk ties and scarves.

The first bag was born in the late 1970s. Over the years, Longchamp UK Outlet has become a high-quality leather goods that innovation is the way each manufacturer of quality products, in order to see the traditional fashion, creativity and Cuhao see eternity in to see detailed craftsmanship and well-known. Longchamp Longchamp is over half a century-old French brand, known for leather goods, this dumplings with simple lines as its classic design style, simple shape, solid materials, a lot of white-collar work is the favorite brand; Great to pen kettle, small mobile tablet, everything are fine. The most important thing is it’s very wild, ladies day, if you do not want to be angry with the hair, then this can be said to be the best choice. The new series name from LONGCHAMP Paris Store Address 404 Rue Saint Honoré, meaning a long history with the French brand’s authentic heritage craft. The series consists of two models in five colors, high quality leather material, rectangular package with a stocky type thickness provided considerable capacity in addition to a small sense, other than hand-carry strap with a further increase usability, as dotting golden pony Logo pen, with the same color metal add a sub elegant and playful outside the minimalist design. Cowhide leather and delicate process engineering methods for the purification classic bag models inject more realism, atmosphere, and unique style modern metropolis. As well as the pure blood of Paris from the source of the brand, but also add a lot of unique and novel elements.

Longchamp Bags UK launched the brand with the hottest emerging designers Mary Katrantzou collaboration series. She not only brought two unique and innovative special section handbag as Longchamp, Le Pliage family but also for the legendary tailor a bright prosperous new printing. Longchamp fashion folding bag Le Pliage® (nickname “dumpling package”) has been introduced since 1993, has sold more than 13 million worldwide, is also the best known brand image. Now this famous canvas folding bag will launch the “upgrade” folded leather bag, in addition to maintaining the original design package cover Longchamp gallop pattern embossed on sale since 20 years has been the world’s best-selling package, brand Le Pliage® package shall celebrate fold over 20 years, in particular the introduction Héritage 20 anniversary commemorative Le Pliage® collection models, stiff-inclusive so Hollywood actress Katie Holmes and Jessica Alba all have two hot mom for it fascinated! Handy and durable two-handle and zippers, added a practical removable straps and retro print lining, shiny nickel-metal parts to create a modern city atmosphere. 2015 autumn and winter series, Longchamp Paris Rock launched a new series, fashion degree to upgrade again, even with a touch of glam rock flavor. It has a retro appearance, there is a row of perforations flip ultra flat, golden leather chain double- and mixed through them. Each individual metal letters together to form a group Longchamp logo.

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Fashion Longchamp Le Pliage Bags Outlet UK,Welcome to our longchamp outlet online store. We sell longchamp bags and so on. Fast Shipping, 100% Guarantee Quality!The Chinese name Longchamp Longchamp, France, founded in 1948, is also considered a very historic brand of leather goods. Not commanding big line, but second and third tier brands can survive and has been selling long red. The reason, Longchamp Lafayette department store in Beijing opened the 2015 autumn and winter preview new media activities, the most important sign of this season is the Memphis series printing. This design was inspired by the 1980s, the legendary architect Ettore Sottsass founded in 1981 in Milan after the modernist design group – Memphis Group. Mixed Bauhaus building outlines bold bright colors and pop art, Memphis Group vibrant after the introduction of modern design. Season Longchamp then this style reinterpreted, bright yellow with pink bump, bump candy pink crimson, bright orange and cobalt blue collide, both bags Or fashion, reveals a deep sense of artistic range. Not because they feel at home but rather how well the leather made of lightweight and practical folding bag concept, coupled with the price close to the people, this is simply Longchamp popular.
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Gao Yuanyuan of China is the Long Champ spokesperson, so whether it is day or to the street shooting film and television works, Jeremy Scott Fall Winter 2015 inspired by a song popular nursery rhymes for Longchamp to create this unique collaboration is full of playful humor and pop of color section. Package body is full of memories of rabbits, elephants, mushrooms and turtles and other interesting images overlap, it immediately returns the innocence of the times, but without losing the creative avant-garde sense. The new “Humpty Dumpty” was exclusive series of limited edition handbags to buy May 1 in Paris store Colette hand landed in Longchamp boutiques worldwide will be launched in June. Cheap Longchamp “Longchamp” The new 3D series were introduced in autumn 2013 3 inclusive, two of the Tote bags, one for the portable drum kits, a total of seven kinds of colors, black, honey color, rose red, blue duck color, cognac color, earth colors and a limited amount of bright purple, in addition to full rock flavor of 3D Metal silver special handbags in the world, boutique can be found in its presence. Where there is no lack of the series have Long Champ bag of demonstration. Printed geometric concepts not only in the fine tailoring more reflected in the sleek silhouette and exquisite design details: a classic shiny velvet texture thin leather stitching leather jacket and skirt; in the course of the visit, we also Longchamp ran into a good friend, the international supermodel Liu Wen. Hermès has just completed a big show of the fall and winter, she came to visit Longchamp’s showroom.

She intently listen designers explain the design concept of this season, also said he liked Longchamp autumn and winter series. Or a gold or sky blue short leather jacket, is not the lack of easy fashion a single product. Not with aggressive unattainable hypocritical, French family leather goods brand Longchamp Longchamp 2014 income recorded a growth of 8% to 495 million euros, no fashion brand can leave “star effect” of the key elements of a variety of It bag, It shoes are popular all inseparable Stars coffee of “holding”, with high exposure to more popular. Series of bags is one of the representatives Longchamp Le Pliage Heritage, referred to Longchamp catches your mind should be no longer that classic to classic “dumplings package” was. The It bag of the originator, is impressive. In line with the company’s expectations, but the company does not meet the expectations of a breakthrough 500 million euros sales target. Longchamp Outlet 4% sales growth respectively in the previous three years, 16% and 21%. Longchamp Longchamp CEO Jean Cassegrain said that the future will be more investment in emerging markets, the European Economic repeatedly to avoid an impact on the brand, the brand is currently sold in Europe overall 60% share of the group.
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But low-key comfortable become part of life, on the line to bring you high-round feel as close. Longchamp was founded in Paris in 1948 by Mr. Shang Kashigelan, it has been run by Kashigelan family. Longchamp diverse products, including handbags, luggage, and accessories, in recent years more successful launch of clothing and footwear line, through the delivery of high-quality advertising, and artists exciting cross-border cooperation, but sometimes show full of modern Longchamp playful spirit, highlighting its position in the fashion industry. Carrefour and stylish casual sports shoes using exaggerated tassel decoration, the sole white hit color “level with the” sole. Sports shoes fashion trends always seem monotonous, but Longchamp in season introduced several compelling new models, the most prominent is a fine running shoe, which uses a flannel material, the same color metallic leather trim bright edges and soles. Longchamp as with superb craftsmanship and innovative brands in the world with over 236 stores. Longchamp with a great tradition of French top-level workmanship, the leading fashion design, lightweight and practical folding concept, and the price of plain friendly world famous. Longchamp in recent years also by the majority of Chinese consumers, today VOGUE invited to the autumn and winter series Longchamp2015 showroom visit.

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Cheap Longchamp Le Pliage Handbags Women’s Navy Blue Sale Online,Shop the Latest Collection : Handbags, Small leathergoods, Luggage, Shoes, and Ready-to-Wear,Longchamp Bags On Sale London-Welcome to our most popular Longchamp Outlet store,Custom steps are very simple: First, choose the handbag size – small or medium or large; then select the color of the bag body, Ms. Marie-Sabine Leclercq Longchamp global marketing communications director, said: “Longchamp uphold the unique Paris light induced philosophy of life that exists in the luxury of a vibrant, optimistic and positive women will be in everyday life, she loves fashion, but not for fashion .Alexa Chung is the perfect example of the tired, she is very intelligent, bright and type, the unlimited kinetic energy Longchamp “Longchamp” are to be passed figurative interpretation of it. “This season total of eight colors: black, brown and gray, orange, rose pink, lemon yellow, beige, indigo and cinnabar red; then it is for the package lid and handle, respectively, as the Chinese ambassador Longchamp , Gao Yuanyuan, Ambassador to spare no effort to do part, private dressing Look out to the streets to Longchamp bags often to do with embellishment in the shape, and the shape of rich styles of Longchamp bag is able to add all types of dazzling brilliance Style ʱ??
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Both ends of the zipper and buckle loop straps choose a different color, but the color lining can also choose from. After the color selection, you can also engraved on the body in the package with your name initials, there are two ways to choose punched or stamped, is absolutely the perfect combination of sophisticated and trends. Unlike other large advertising brands, Longchamp uk in these tracts are exceptionally dynamic season, autumn and winter advertising by the Belgian-born choreographer emerging choreographer Salim Gauwloos continue surgeon, let dressed Longchamp 2013 autumn new sexy smoke tube One-piece pants with high-heeled ankle boots Coco Rocha incarnation as “female giant”, with a happy confident image of urban women …… In reality, Longchamp and art, especially dance also has deep fate, Longchamp CEO Jean Castel Grand (Jean Cassegrain) pointed out that the French brand support outstanding arts groups to perform in China, both to promote cultural exchange, but also at the forefront of modern dance arts can be presented to the Chinese audience. “Longchamp and Kate Moss, Jeremy Scott’s cross-border cooperation, and the 2012 spring and summer and a young talented designers Mary Katrantzou cooperation, are designers and artists collision sparks.

In my opinion, Godzilla is the last century of film stars well-known, it is menacing to walk between skyscrapers, wanton destruction of the scene was a classic, but if the lead for doing glamorous supermodel tall, It will show how the effect? According to foreign media reported on August 17, although this season seems to be carefully written, but consistent with the Longchamp wind does not run counter to the movement of trendy and easy outfit, look at this season, you must be watched is the leather series: Whether it is the texture of the cocoon sheepskin coat, or is a mix and match leather pants or a leather skirt A word stitching silk shirt. Known French leather goods Longchamp (Longchamp) recently invited to Canada’s popular US model Coco Rocha (Coco Rocha) serve as brand, “facade”, interpretation of a group of street large, modern gas field blowing. Between art and commerce, art is actually a great source of inspiration that can make the product and market more glittering, this season’s must-style is a heavy-bottomed slope with loafers.

The shoe features a variety of leather stitching, deep purple or pure black two choices, trim details to the front as the highlight of the golden metal. The stylish low-heeled boots with a black or dark purple design, calfskin upper slope with the use of calf suede. Carrefour and stylish casual sports shoes using exaggerated tassel decoration, the sole white hit color “level with the” sole. We can have a good balance between art and commerce. Longchamp IFS boutique Longchamp follows the global concept stores – will be an excellent blend of traditional family business, creative and fashionable products and elegant style. French haute leather goods brand Longchamp “Longchamp” announced that it will join hands again this year the French Cultural Center, “French Culture Spring” Festival, the exclusive support Caffee dance Beijing premiere, staged a dance “organism.” Longchamp Bags UK in France for three consecutive years to support arts projects in China, this is the second before another patron of the arts and theater in collaboration with the French dancer Blanca Li legendary modern dance after the show for the Longchamp artistic creation always love and support, and Longchamp focusing on design inspiration and art are inseparable ideas echo each other.

Walls and other vertical surfaces organically shop using transparent, glossy and matte finish, interlace flicker, ingenuity, selected materials such as wood, lacquer, glass and leather, as well as close attention to the attention to detail, reflected everywhere Longchamp focuses on traditional crafts, filling the quality of French elegance. Known for its stunning scenery, became the Longchamp Sale UK 2014 spring series of inspiration. 2014 Spring Longchamp (Longchamp) shuttle to the resort on three continents: Africa, Botswana (Botswana), Italy, Portofino (Portofino) and Australia (Australia), echoed this season “shuttle trip” theme, 2014 Spring iconic tribal magic feather series (Longchamp Tribu) It is born out of a wild beauty and adventure of the Australian outback no man’s land.